[sc34wg3] TMDM suggestion - meronymy & holonymy

Patrick Durusau patrick at durusau.net
Fri Nov 6 08:10:31 EST 2009


Lars Marius Garshol wrote:
> * Inge Henriksen
>> Could Meronymy[1] for Part and Holonymy[2] for Whole be part of a 
>> future TMDM as a special kind of relationship somewhat like a 
>> supertype-subtype relationship[3] is part of TMDM today?
> Having PSIs for these would definitely be useful, but I'm not sure the 
> TMDM is the place for them. If we were to add these, what else should 
> we add? Where would we draw the line between what belongs in TMDM and 
> what does not?
> At the moment we only include what could be described as part of the 
> machinery that makes Topic Maps work, and personally I think that's 
> the right approach. Anything beyond that should either be defined 
> outside of ISO or in some dedicated spec (like Dublin Core in TMs).
Well, let's not be too hasty about suggesting that people go outside of 
ISO or write a full standard if they have features they want to 
standardize with their topic maps.

I think we have made poor use of the Technical Report (TR) mechanism and 
that would be a good testing ground for people who want to propose some 
"standard" (with a little "s") way of constructing topic maps. It is 
fairly light weight and doesn't carry all the delays and processing 
overhead of other ISO options. Should such a TR prove to be useful and 
popular, it would always be possible to take a TR and possibly add 
needed features to make it an IS.

I am not sure that on their own, that Metronymy for Part and Holonymy 
for Whole, represent enough of a basis for a TR. Is there some 
particular use case that involves other subjects and relationships that 
is under consideration? Being mindful that it isn't necessary that other 
communities necessarily agree with your PSIs and the subjects they 
represent. You could simply want to make explicit a community of 
practice in the authoring of topic maps and to use those PSIs within 
that community.

For completeness I agree with Lars about additions to the TMDM.

Inge, if you are interested in the requirements for a TR, please contact 
me off-list.

Hope you are looking forward to a great weekend!


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