[sc34wg3] TMDM suggestion - meronymy & holonymy

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Fri Nov 6 07:36:04 EST 2009

* Inge Henriksen
> Could Meronymy[1] for Part and Holonymy[2] for Whole be part of a  
> future TMDM as a special kind of relationship somewhat like a  
> supertype-subtype relationship[3] is part of TMDM today?

Having PSIs for these would definitely be useful, but I'm not sure the  
TMDM is the place for them. If we were to add these, what else should  
we add? Where would we draw the line between what belongs in TMDM and  
what does not?

At the moment we only include what could be described as part of the  
machinery that makes Topic Maps work, and personally I think that's  
the right approach. Anything beyond that should either be defined  
outside of ISO or in some dedicated spec (like Dublin Core in TMs).

--Lars M.

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