[sc34wg3] TMDM suggestion - meronymy & holonymy

Steve Pepper pepper.steve at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 06:18:24 EST 2009

[Dmitry: Maybe you could add these three PSIs?]

Hi Inge,

* Inge Henriksen
| Could Meronymy[1] for Part and Holonymy[2] for Whole be part of a future TMDM
| as a special kind of relationship somewhat like a supertype-subtype
| relationship[3] is part of TMDM today?

First of all, you wouldn't need both, because they are the inverse of each

Secondly, this idea was considered during development of XTM, but it was decided
to keep the number of built-in association types to an absolute minimum and let
publishers of PSIs do the rest.

My students and I have used the following in a large number of topic maps:

  [part-of = "Part of" = "Consists of" / whole
  [part = "Part" @"http://psi.ontopedia.net/Part"]
  [whole = "Whole" @"http://psi.ontopedia.net/Whole"]

Unfortunately I haven't got around to actually publishing the PSDs on the
Ontopedia server. They would look like this:


{part-of, descr, [[A binary relationship between two entities, playing the roles
part (http://psi.ontopedia.net/Part) and whole (http://psi.ontopedia.net/Whole),
one of which constitutes a part of the other. Also known as part/whole.]]}

{part, descr, [[The role played by an entity that is part of some other, larger
entity in a part/whole relationship (http://psi.ontopedia.net/part_of).]]}

{whole, descr, [[The role played by the larger, containing entity in a
part/whole relationship (http://psi.ontopedia.net/part_of).]]}



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