[sc34wg3] The TMCL schema topic

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Fri Feb 27 04:34:43 EST 2009

Since we've finished the MAX_INT discussion I'm moving on to the next  

The schema topic which represents an entire TMCL schema has  
disappeared in the last draft. This topic is important for being able  
to attach metadata to schemas, such as name, creator, version number,  
source URL, etc etc. It is also important in order to provide an easy  
mechanism for detecting whether or not a given topic map actually  
contains a TMCL schema.

This will admittedly complicate the writing of TMCL schemas in CTM,  
and so there is some cost to including this functionality. However,  
this could be mitigated by defining the standard templates in such a  
way that they create a single schema "behind the scenes", such that  
defining a single schema in a single topic map is handled easily.

Alternatively, the schema and connecting associations could be made  
optional. Thus, those who want them could write them in CTM, tools  
could make them automatically, etc.

The third alternative is to just not include this functionality.

--Lars M.

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