[sc34wg3] FW: WG3 meeting, Amsterdam, May 23-25

Steve Pepper sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Mon, 14 Mar 2005 11:47:11 +0100

* Michel
| I have planned to go back and forth between the
| meeting and the conference. I have agreed to chair
| some of the sessions. Having the meeting in another 
| city would be maximally inconvenient for me.

I understand. I will do my best to get a location in Amsterdam.
In the worst case, I have found out that the travel time from
Den Haag station to Amsterdam RAI (which has its own railway
station) is 43 minutes so, although inconvenient, it is by no
means impossible to go back and forth.

| Have you tried to ask the Dutch Bureau of Standards
| if they could help us finding a place in Amsterdam?

I have not, since I don't have any contacts there. Does anyone
else? If so, please let me know. (Cc: to Diederik Gerth van
Wijk, who is probably best placed.)

I am also in contact with our hosts from last year, who may be
able to help us.