[sc34wg3] new Versavant release

Steven R. Newcomb sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
17 Jul 2005 20:22:17 -0400

The third release of the open-source Versavant multi-TMA (aka
multi-subject-map-disclosure) information integration engine is now
available at


* Added 3 more "Subject Map Pattern" assertion models, to the existing
  BigAssert model.  All four consider assertions to be reciprocal, and
  all have distinct named roles.  All assume that the role players are
  reified.  All have conferral rules that read the other three and add
  their perspectives to the subjects (i.e., add properties and proxies
  as necessary).  To the extent possible, all their subjects' proxies
  merge.  All are demonstrated in versavant/PARK/parkdemo.py.

  - BigAssert (the implementation and helpful diagrams are in
    versavant/Lib/BIGASSERT) reifies everything in sight: the
    relationship itself (the reified as an "A-proxy"), the type of the
    relationship ("T-proxy"), the roles of the relationship
    ("R-proxies"), and the castings ("C-proxies") (the "role player
    *seen as* playing the role).
  - TRA_assert (the implementation and helpful diagrams are in
    versavant/Lib/TRA_assert) is like BigAssert but it doesn't reify

  - A_assert (the implementation and helpful diagrams are in
    versavant/Lib/A_assert) is like TRA_assert but it doesn't
    reify the roles or the relationship type.  It only reifies
    the relationship itself.  There are role names, but no
    proxies for the roles.

  - U_assert (the implementation and helpful diagrams are in
    versavant/Lib/A_assert) doesn't reify anything.  Instead, there
    are 6 non-SIP properties added to each role player.  These let you
    look up the other role players in terms of the roles being played
    by the roleplayer whose proxy you're standing at, or by the roles
    that the other role players play, or by the proxyIds of the other
    role players. 

There are two demos.  The multi-assertion demo is in
versavant/PARK/parkdemo.py.  Read the versavant/README file to see how
to set it up.

-- Steve

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