[sc34wg3] SC34 WG3 Document Updates

Mary Nishikawa sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Tue, 24 Jun 2003 19:32:49 +0900


This list sure has been quiet lately. SC34 Japan is meeting tomorrow, June 
25 PM JST and Naito-san and I need to report on any updates.

For these documents, when are they planned to be submitted? Any pre-drafts 
for review now?
I am aware of  TMCL UR and UseCase  which I am reviewing now, and I think 
that an updated TMQL UR will be ready for a review soon. Naito-san knows 
the schedule for (1) and we have sent feedback on (4). How about the 
others?  Will they be submitted in July for us to review at our following 
meeting (week of July 20)? There is no hurry, we just need to set up our 
sehedule. Thanks.

  (1) WD/13250-1, Basic Concept
  (2) CD/13250-2, Data Model
  (3) CD/13250-3, XML Syntax
  (4) NB feedback/TM HyTime Syntax (HyTM)
  (5) WD/TM Canonical XML Syntax
  (6) UR/Ref Model
  (7) UR and UseCase/TMQL
  (8) UR and UseCase/TMCL

Best regards,