[sc34wg3] SC34 WG3 Document Updates

Steve Pepper sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:55:56 +0200

[NB. This posting calls for responses from Kal, Patrick/SteveN,
Lars Marius/Robert, and Graham/Holger.]

* Mary Nishikawa
| This list sure has been quiet lately. SC34 Japan is meeting
| tomorrow, June 25 PM JST and Naito-san and I need to report
| on any updates.

Sorry I wasn't able to reply to this in time. I have been out
of email contact for a week.

| For these documents, when are they planned to be submitted? Any
| pre-drafts for review now?
| I am aware of  TMCL UR and UseCase  which I am reviewing now, and I think
| that an updated TMQL UR will be ready for a review soon. Naito-san knows
| the schedule for (1) and we have sent feedback on (4). How about the
| others?  Will they be submitted in July for us to review at our following
| meeting (week of July 20)? There is no hurry, we just need to set up our
| sehedule. Thanks.
|    WG3
|   (1) WD/13250-1, Basic Concepts
|   (2) CD/13250-2, Data Model
|   (3) CD/13250-3, XML Syntax
|   (4) NB feedback/TM HyTime Syntax (HyTM)
|   (5) WD/TM Canonical XML Syntax
|   (6) UR/Ref Model
|   (7) UR and UseCase/TMQL
|   (8) UR and UseCase/TMCL

The schedule for (1) is that Naito-san and I will prepare for an
initial discussion, to take place at the Montreal meeting, where
the goal will be to agree on a basic disposition for Part 1. No
documents will be distributed before the Montreal meeting.

(2) and (3) are to be updated and submitted for ballot "as soon as
possible." Our goal is to have the results of balloting ready for
the Philadelphia meeting. Given a 3-month ballot period that means
a deadline for submittal to the SC34 secretariat around mid-August
with a deadline for votes in mid-November. In other words, nothing
for National Bodies to do on those until around September/October.

We are still looking for feedback re. (4). Japan has investigated
and found no-one using HyTM. Norway has also drawn a blank. Other
NBs should be looking into this and reporting back.

Kal has started work on a requirements document for CXTM (5). Kal:
Can you post the URL for that document and invite feedback? I don't
think we need bother giving it a number until it has firmed up a
bit, but it would be good if it could be made available to National
Bodies before July 4th (i.e. at least 4 weeks before the Montreal

Patrick and Steve N: Please let us know what your plans are for (6).
Can you get a draft of the User Requirements document called for in
N423 out by July 4th, in time for National Body comments?

Lars Marius and Robert: What is the status of the TMQL requirements
document? Will you have a revised version out in time for National
Body comments (i.e. by July 4th?). Also, what is the status of the
Use Cases document and the "report that surveys existing query
languages" (N423)?

Graham tells me that he and Holger will get a new version of the TMCL
requirements document out by July 4th. Please let us know what we
can expect in terms of a Use Cases document and a "report that surveys
existing constraint languages." As far as I know, there is a new
version of the Use Cases document, but I'm not sure it has been
given a number yet.



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