[sc34wg3] Revising the Agenda for London

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
27 Apr 2003 12:28:33 +0200

* Michel Biezunski
|  - Postpone the discussion on the road map until the end of the meeting.
|    We will know better afterwards where we want to go. We should be
|    able to start directly working after one hour introduction, sorting
|    out the documents, etc. No need to discuss the roadmap before examining
|    the components in detail.

I think this makes sense. If we are to discuss the roadmap we should
spend enough time on it to finish the discussion.
|  - Condense the discussion on XTM one hour instead of two.

I think this is unacceptable. In fact, I think even limiting the
discussion to two hours is difficult to accept. XTM is the primary
interchange syntax for topic maps yet it has never been discussed at
an ISO meeting at all before.

We are now getting ready to publish XTM 1.1 and the authors of the XTM
1.1 specification have a number of proposals and issues that they need
to discuss. In my opinion this discussion is crucial and cannot be
cut. If we are to adjust the time allotted to XTM we should increase
it rather than decrease it.

I've prepared 35 slides for this discussion, so there's no question
that we need more than an hour.

If we spend enough time on XTM in London we can send XTM to CD ballot
after Montr=E9al. In my opinion this would be an enormous step forward
for topic maps, and I think it is a goal we should do our utmost to
|  - We now would have 3 1/2 hours on Friday to discuss the TMM.

We have all of Saturday after lunch to discuss the RM. I think that is
enough. I personally do not see any need to spend any more time on it.
I would say that given the feedback the authors of the document have
gotten already they can really go back and produce another draft
without any further discussion at all.

It seems to me that it would be difficult to discuss the substance of
the RM before the weaknesses that have been pointed out are addressed.
Repeating the feedback that has been provided on the mailing list
would not in my opinion be a good use of the committee's time.

However, discussion of the goals of the RM and its position in the
roadmap would seem to me the perfect use of those post-lunch hours on

| - Separate the afternoon session in 2 parts:
|   1. CXTM only - 1 1/2 hour
|   2. Conformance issues for SAM, TMM and CXTM (1 1/2 hour)

This is simply unacceptable. I think we should start discussing the
open SAM issues and continue until we are done. When we are done we
can move on to CXTM.

The SAM is the centerpiece of the new 13250 and the one thing that is
holding up all further progress on topic maps. We *must* finish the
SAM as soon as we possibly can, and shortening the time allowed for
discussion of it is *not* the way to do that.
| Monday May 5th
| All day TMQL - Topic Map Query Language - Workshop (5 hrs) Documents: N24=
| tolog, AsTMa
| WG Plenary: Recommendations for SC34 (2 hrs)
| - Probably TMQL could be abridged one hour (4 hours instead of 5). That
|   would leave us 1 hour more to discuss about the roadmap that is part
|   of the Recommendations for SC34 and that we would have skipped on
|   the first day. On Monday we should have a clearer idea where we
|   want to go.

Like Robert I am very hesitant to do this. The TMQL work is in a stage
where we can make huge strides forward if we only sit down to discuss
it. To do that we need to review our current position and look at the
currently existing query language proposals to decide whether to adopt
one of them as the starting point. We originally planned to use a
whole day for this, but then accepted being cut down to five hours
because of the need to finalize our recommendations.

I think this should stand as is, but that the Saturday afternoon
should be used to discuss the place of the RM in 13250. That is really
the only part of the roadmap about which there is any doubt at all.
The relationship between SAM, XTM, HyTM, CXTM, TMQL, and TMCL is
crystal clear. The only open issue is what to do about the RM, and to
me it seems logical that we spend the time allotted to the RM to clear
that up.

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