[sc34wg3] The Reference Model as a New Work Item

Steve Pepper sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 07:04:18 +0200

At 19:46 24.04.2003 -0400, Michel Biezunski wrote:
>[Steve Pepper]
> > I have always had great respect for Steve Newcomb's vision and
> > for that reason alone I am prepared to support further work on
> > the RM in the hope that it might one day lead to something
> > useful.
> >
> > But I do not believe that it has anything to do with
> > topic maps; I do not believe the ideas are anywhere close to
> > mature; and I no longer believe the RM should be part of ISO
> > 13250.
>I don't believe it either. Why? Because the Reference model
>is gone. It's now called "Topic Maps Model". And I think
>that there are good reason for this change of name. I may
>even agree with you that this model should not be part
>of ISO 13250. We should discuss instead whether it should not
>*be* the new ISO 13250.

(1) As far as the committee is concerned there is no "Topic Maps
Model". There is only a "Reference Model". It's the committee
that decides names, not individual contributors, and I for one
do not accept the name "Topic Maps Model" for whatever it is that
N393 is supposed to be.

(2) I can state on behalf of the Norwegian National Body that we
are not prepared to waste any time whatsoever on discussing the
idea that this thing should *be* the new ISO 13250. However, we
would be willing to discuss - briefly - whether it might be a new
work item in its own right, under a name which does not lead to
confusion with 13250 or Topic Maps.