[sc34wg3] Thoughts on the RM

Sam Hunting sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 22:45:59 -0400 (EDT)

> >*Steve Pepper
> > > But I do not believe that it has anything to do with
> > > topic maps; I do not believe the ideas are anywhere close to
> > > mature; and I no longer believe the RM should be part of ISO
> > > 13250.
> *Michel Biezunski
> >I don't believe it either. Why? Because the Reference model
> >is gone. It's now called "Topic Maps Model". And I think
> >that there are good reason for this change of name. I may
> >even agree with you that this model should not be part
> >of ISO 13250. We should discuss instead whether it should not
> >*be* the new ISO 13250.
> Michel, sorry, can you clarify this, I am not so sure what you wish to discuss.
> You are saying that you want to discuss whether the Topic Maps Model should 
> *not*  be the new ISO 13250, or whether it should be?
> If you are saying that it "should be* I will respectfully say again, please 
> look at  the proposal for the new work item for ISO 13250 and the ballot. I 
> think those documents are the basis for the agenda that we have at the moment.

Mary, sorry, now I'm unclear. What are the numbers for "those documents"
you are referring to? Thanks.

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