[sc34wg3] I need a map to follow the postings!

Michel Biezunski sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Thu, 4 Oct 2001 00:55:44 +0200

> There are quite probably some issues that need to be posted to all lists,
> but when a thread starts on one list, then gets copied to a second and the
> replies start coming on the second, then the third, it gets frustrating to
> try to figure out who's replying to whom and about what
> (particularly after
> there a few <snip>s in the messages, changes of title, etc.).
> Jim Mason

I think the policy should be that whatever is a subject of
general interest for the topic map community should go
to the general interest topic map mailing list, while the two
other lists, sc34 and topicmaps-comment should be devoted,
and exclusively used for, the work currently being done by
the corresponding committee(s).

If we do not follow that rule, then we're going to exclude most
of the readers who want to be informed on what's going on
about conceptual, strategic or even technical aspects of topic
maps and are not actively involved in a work of such of such
committee, which is why the specialized mailing lists exist.

We all should make a particular effort to post to the general
mailing list for things which have to do with general features,
otherwise we take the risk to fragment the community. I don't
think this is a good thing.

Please double check before sending a mail if it's relevant to the
list to which you post, i.e., if you consider that your mail is not
of general interest.

The problem is therefore not to cross-post, but on the contrary
to hide information which might be useful for most of us.

Please consider this before posting. I also suggest that those of
you who have sent mail to specialized mailing lists in the past week
and consider that this is of general interest forward their mail to
the general interest mailing list so that everybody can be informed
about the (interesting) discussions going on.

If you are not sure about where it goes, please cross-post. Members
of the working groups should be aware that they should post to the
general interest mailing list unless they have something specific to
bring to the process of one specific working group.

Remember, the policy of the sc34 working group mailing list is
basically to discuss the resolutions, bring input to the standard
process. Everything else should not be posted to that list. I suppose
the same is true for the topicmaps-comment mailing list for OASIS.

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