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On 2011-11-08, at 12:02 PM, Patrick Durusau wrote:

> Dmitry,
> Thanks! Sounds like something we need to discuss.
> On 11/05/2011 02:41 PM, Dmitry wrote:
>> I think WG3 can contribute to developing  "reference architecture"  for systems that we all are dreaming about/working on. This reference architecture should define main concepts, main components and possible interactions between these components, explain various architectural alternatives. It also should  articulate value proposition of using this type of architecture. Specific work items such as SDShare become part of  the "big picture". Value proposition should be articulated for various audiences.
>> For example,  topic map/triple/graph datastore (one of the components of reference architecture)  can increase development productivity (Neo4j, BrightstarDB could be good examples).
> Can you say a bit more about a "reference architecture?" Is it something that would have a conformance statement? Or just be a guide to how components could fit together. Like a roadmap?

Reference architecture probably does not have a conformance statement, but it  defines some boundaries. It allows to say that some systems are built according this reference architecture and others are not. We have some standards, many papers, even working systems, but it is not easy to explain what these systems are from architectural perspective. We tend to think in terms of specific applications such as "Semantic Wiki", or "MS Word annotation tool",  "Neo4J", etc.

There are several quite popular reference architectures such as Master Data Management reference architecture, Data Warehouse reference architecture, SOA reference architecture, etc. They provide some framework for thinking about specific systems and implementations

I saw several interesting candidates to be part of Topic Maps reference arhitecture such as "semantic portal", "relational database gateway", "RDF gateway", "semantic/topic maps data store"...  

> Patrick
> PS: Are you using Hadoop? Just curious.

Did not have a chance


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