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I agree that users are an important reference point. When focusing on 
which users, I have always thought that non-developers would be the 
best users. In particular, I would propose focusing on the body of 
indexers who are facing the potential for displacement in this world 
of data mining for topic-like clusters of related content.  I've 
always thought that the killer app would be a tool that plugs into MS 
Word and allows any writer to create a semantic - i.e., topic map - 
index of her work.
Just a thought.

At 6:38 AM -0400 11/4/11, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>On 11/02/2011 09:33 AM, Graham Moore wrote:
>>I wrote this morning about embracing developers. At Networked Planet
>>we have tried really hard to do this with our new semantic web
>>database, BrightstarDB.  It lets developers start from code rather
>>than lots of XML, or text files to define ontologies and load data.
>>There is a 2min video on the http://www.brightstardb.com site that
>>gives a little insight into how this works.
>Developers are an important group to embrace.
>On the other hand, the Semantic Web has been in bed with developers 
>for the last ten years and all it has to show for it are developers, 
>no real user uptake. The linked data upswing is just making the SW 
>easy enough for developers, no users.
>My concern is that there are far more users than developers. Yes?
>Having said that, we do need to get developers to build tools that 
>users will find useful.
>Just a suggestion but what if we look for semantic pinch-points in 
>current technologies? What do they don't do well that a developer 
>could communicate to users as an advantage or distinction for their 
>product? (Reasoning that developers, even open source ones, want to 
>attract users and one way to do that is to offer something users 
>want to do or see an advantage in.)
>Talk to you in just a bit!
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