[sc34wg3] Some inconsistencies in the tmcl schema

Michael Quaas michaelquaas at web.de
Wed Oct 28 06:54:45 EDT 2009

Lars Marius Garshol schrieb:
>> 8. I think there is the same problem on the other side. The
>> tmcl:topic-role-constraint plays the unallowed role tmcl:constrains in
>> tmcl:constrained-statement (147). Same for tmcl:topic-name-constraint
>> (132) and tmcl:topic-occurrence-constraint (140). But all three are  
>> used
>> like this in the templates (53+63+73). Probably they should be  
>> allowed.
> Hmmmm. tmcl:constrained-statement has two roles: constrains and  
> constrained. So constrains is allowed. These are even listed as  
> allowed combinations. 
Are you sure? When I search for "topic-name-constraint" in the schema 
file it's found exactly one time on line 127 where it is defiened. But 
it should also occur in a role-combination expression. Same for the others.


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