[sc34wg3] Some inconsistencies in the tmcl schema

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at bouvet.no
Wed Oct 28 05:01:04 EDT 2009

* Michael Quaas
> Unfortunately I've found this not yesterday, so it seems that there  
> is a
> new version necessary again.

You know, I think I'll just make the changes in CVS this time, and  
wait a bit with publishing a new version. :)

Some of these pieces of feedback are showing very clearly that I  
haven't yet parsed the schema with a CTM parser. (Which is because we  
don't have a draft for the version of CTM I'm using, and so I haven't  
updated the Ontopia CTM parser yet.)

> 8. I think there is the same problem on the other side. The
> tmcl:topic-role-constraint plays the unallowed role tmcl:constrains in
> tmcl:constrained-statement (147). Same for tmcl:topic-name-constraint
> (132) and tmcl:topic-occurrence-constraint (140). But all three are  
> used
> like this in the templates (53+63+73). Probably they should be  
> allowed.

Hmmmm. tmcl:constrained-statement has two roles: constrains and  
constrained. So constrains is allowed. These are even listed as  
allowed combinations. Did you miss something, or did I misunderstand?

> 9. The new defined tmcl:topic-reifies-constraint should play the role
> tmcl:allows in tmcl:constrained-topic-type (181), but this association
> has no role like this. I think tmcl:constrains is meant.

Indeed. Fixed.

> 10. Typo at the end of the lines 181 and 182 (swap . and ; ).

Correct. Fixed.

> 11. Typo in line 339. Missing "-" (I think)

Also correct. Fixed.

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