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Patrick Durusau patrick at durusau.net
Sat Nov 7 21:04:59 EST 2009


Lars Marius Garshol wrote:
> * Patrick Durusau
>> But the "signatures" are an artifact of TMCL. Are you saying that 
>> syntax should drive the creation of association types?
>> You may mean some deeper design consideration that underlies 
>> "signatures" in TMCL but that isn't apparent here.
> What Dmitry is saying is that he wants to be able to specify in TMCL 
> that the works-for association type can have either the role types 
> person and company or person and non-profit-organization. That's two 
> different "signatures" (which is not an official term). So this is the 
> structure that he wants his topic map to have, but he can't express 
> that in the current TMCL.
> What I'm saying is that I don't think he should be using two different 
> combinations of role types in the same association type in the first 
> place. Therefore I'm not so keen to add support for that.
Well, I got the part that you disagreed with it, ;-), but what I am 
missing is why?

For example, I currently have a "works-for" relationship with different 
types of entities. Or to recall the multidimensional query requirements 
I posted yesterday, I am on the way to having a "diagnosed-with" 
relationship with different *types* of issues.

If I choose to model an association where the type of the other role 
player changes as one association type (I can hear Newcomb howling in 
the distance) I don't see how that disadvantages you or anyone else.

I suppose part of my reluctance is that I prefer that we enable users to 
create their own topic maps using such models and constraints as they 
find useful and necessary, with a minimum of forcing views of "correct" 
modeling upon them.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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