[sc34wg3] TMCL issue: regex?

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Sat Nov 7 13:00:25 EST 2009

* Patrick Durusau
> True but irrelevant. We aren't working on XML Schema. We are  
> supposed to be defining TMCL. So far you have told me what strings  
> must match and use XML Schema-2 to define that requirement. You have  
> not said how I specify those strings, other than by implication.

I think I got it now. What you're saying is that we have defined  
matching of regular expressions explicitly, but that we haven't said  
anything explicitly about what regular expression syntax to use.

In other words, there's no text anywhere that goes

   Occurrences of type tmcl:regexp must contain regular expressions
   conforming to XML Schema part 2 appendix F.


If so, this is definitely true. In fact, we don't really explicitly  
define the structure of TMCL schemas anywhere, except through the meta- 
schema in annex B. And annex B does not say this anywhere.

If I've now (finally :) got it, let me know, and I'll create the issue.

> It is your *assumption* that implementers will use the syntax  
> specified by XML Schema-2. No such requirement exists in the current  
> draft.

Well, there I think you are wrong. How can you implement the current  
draft without using the XML Schema-2 syntax? I don't see that it's  
possible. (Now, obviously someone could use another syntax because  
they misunderstood the draft or something, but I think it would then  
be easy to make it clear to them that in fact this was a mistake, and  
that their implementation wouldn't in fact conform to the spec.)

--Lars M.

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