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Patrick Durusau patrick at durusau.net
Fri Nov 6 22:17:05 EST 2009


I ran across a very useful listing with illustrations of requirements 
for queries across multidimensional data. The paper is fairly complete 
and runs about 40 pages but just to tweak your interest, here is the 
short form of the requirements they isolate, analyze and compare to 
existing solutions (in 2001):

1. Explicit hierarchies in dimensions

2. Multiple hierarchies in each dimension

3. Support for aggregation semantics

4. Non-strict hierarchies

5. Non-onto hierarchies

6. Non-covering hierarchies

7. Symmetric treatment of dimensions and measures

8. Many-to-many relationships between facts and dimensions

9. Handling change and time

10. Handling different levels of granularity

11. Handling imprecision

Details: "A foundation for capturing and querying multidimensional 
data," Torben Bach Pedersen, Christian S. Jensen, Curtis E. Dryson, 
Information Systems 26 (2001) 383-423. (also available from: 

I didn't seek this out because the use cases are based on the study of 
diabetes but that does make the examples seem less theoretical and more 
"practical" from my perspective.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend!


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