[sc34wg3] TMQL: Restrict tm-content and xml-content to return clause

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Fri Feb 27 11:43:55 EST 2009

Hi Robert,

> SPARQL - just to look at one comparable language - has 70 productions
> and 30 more to cover constants (integers, etc.). TMQL has not even 60.

I doubt that counting productions tells you much about a language.
TMQL hides a lot of productions in the annex A "Predefined
Environment". Most of the stuff should belong to the grammar.

> I have upheld my efforts to implement TMQL for quite some years
> (starting from 2003). But after all these years of silence and
> desinterest around TMQL, I have no stake in keeping an up to date
> implementation.

Yes, I can understand that.

Best regards,

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