[sc34wg3] TMCL: 4.4.8 Subject Identifier Constraint

Graham Moore gra at networkedplanet.com
Fri Feb 15 06:43:58 EST 2008

All we need to say is that on evaluation $this is the constraint being


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On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 07:06:07AM -0000, Graham Moore wrote:
> One key point:

> >>every $t in // $$topictype
> >> satisfies
> >>     at least $$cardmin $si in $t ~
> >>        satisfies $si =~ $$regexp
> >>   & at least $$cardmax $si in $t ~
> >>        satisfies $si =~ $$regexp
> >> I am using $$ to prefix the Meta-variables. They become constants
> the >> TMQL query after inserting.
> This $$ stuff isn't necessary and kind of breaks the intent. These
> variables are in the constraint structure, so they should be located
> the tmcl expression. 

The TMQL expression you mean.

Ah, I did not get this idea. Scary at first, but it should work!

> If $this is the constraint being evaluated then the cardmin is found
> $this >> occurrences [cardmin]

Or just

   $this / cardmin

But you will have to say something about $this.

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