[sc34wg3] TMCL: 4.4.11

Robert Barta rho at devc.at
Fri Feb 15 04:57:31 EST 2008

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4.4.11 NameTypeScopeConstraint

What I _guess_ is meant (I have not the feeling that it says so as
clearly as it could):

If I use a certain topic as name type, then these names can (or MUST?)
be scoped with a topic which is an instance of scopetopictype. And the
cardinalities refer to the scoping topics, not to the number of times
the name type itself is used.

And this is now independent from what type a topic is in which the
name is used, right?


Again, the naming is inconsistent. It is also a bit unclear in

2 [scopetopictype] why you insist on "topictype" there. Is there some
hidden meaning (i.e. a precondition), in that that only topics flagged
as topicTypes can be used? If not, then I would tone this down.

In the template the parameter is called $scopetype, in the listing it
is scopetopictype.


Maybe the example could say something like:

"To constrain that at most two language scoping topics can be used on
the nickname of a person (or any other topic), one would invoke"

  NameTypeScopeConstraint (nickname, language, 0, 2) .

  nickname isa nameType .

  language isa topicType .

and get rid of the comment.

And the person topicType is irrelevant (actually misleading) here,


typo: langauge, instance[s]

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