[sc34wg3] Meeting locations for next year?

Steve Pepper pepper.steve at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 05:20:20 EST 2007

I spoke to Standard Norway today and they will shortly send an invitation to
SC34 to hold its 2008 Spring Plenary in Oslo on April 5-8.

We would like the OASIS ODF Technical Committee to collocate with this
meeting in order to bring work on the next version of ISO 26300 more under
the wing of SC34. I would appreciate advice on how to proceed on this.

We should also consider where the Fall Plenary of SC34 is likely to be held.
One possibility would be Korea, in conjunction with AToMS 2008. Sam has
suggested locating AToMS on Jeju Island (Korea's holiday island equivalent
of the Canaries and the Bahamas), but I am not sure what dates he was
thinking in terms of.

WG3 should also continue to support TMRA by holding a meeting in Leipzig.

Conference Chair, Topic Maps 2008
Oslo, April 2-4 2008

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| Greetings!
| Just a heads up that everyone needs to be thinking about meeting
| locations for WG 3 for 2008.
| I am presuming that we will have a Spring meeting in Oslo, in
| conjunction with Topic Maps 2008, 2-4 April 2008
| (http://www.topicmaps.com/tm2008/).
| There is a nice conference in August in Montreal, Balisage: The Markup
| Conference, 12-15 August 2008 (http://www.balisage.net/).
| Thoughts/Suggestions?
| Not only do we need to think about locations but also about what we can
| have productively done by the dates of any proposed meeting.
| Hope everyone is having a great day!
| Patrick
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