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Motomu Naito motom at green.ocn.ne.jp
Thu Nov 1 12:03:43 EDT 2007

Dear Pepper-san and all,

At 00:42 07/11/02, you wrote:
 >| What's going to be on the agenda in Kyoto? It's becoming important to
 >| know, in order to plan everything that has to be ready in advance.
 >In addition to who will attend, we need to consider what documents we will
 >have available and our priorities in terms of new ballots.
 >I think it is paramount that TMRM, TMQL, and TMCL go to FCD immediately
 >after Kyoto. They should have gone to ballot in September, so we've already
 >lost three months. We are expecting new and complete drafts of all of these
 >in a week or so in order to meet the Kyoto deadline. (There will be no
 >change to TMRM itself, only to the annex on the TMDM Formal Semantics,
 >formerly known as the TMDM mapping. TMCL will hopefully have been fleshed
 >out and its syntax simplified. TMQL will just have minor tweaks as discussed
 >in Leipzig.)
 >However, without the editors we can't spend a lot of time on any of these.
 >It should be just enough to bring the WG up to speed and allow for any minor
 >adjustments that need to be made before balloting. Since Lars Marius will be
 >there, the Formal Semantics should be gone over in more detail.
 >National body comments on the CD ballots for CTM and the Dublin Core TR will
 >be ready for consideration, so time should be set aside for both of these
 >with a view to taking them to the next level as soon as possible.
 >In Montreal we discussed an NP for RDFTM Interoperability and I committed to
 >preparing the NP itself and a draft text to go with it (based on where the
 >W3C task force left off). It is not customary to distribute an NP before a
 >meeting, and the text we will be using is already available online [1], so
 >this item could go on the agenda. Having it discussed could well prove
 >useful in the context of the Dublin Core discussion.
 >Part 1 should definitely be discussed. (Will there be a new draft based on
 >the Montreal discussion? There really should be.)
 >Part 4 (CXTM) should also be on the agenda. I understand that Naito-san and
 >Setogawa-san are working on a revised draft. Can that be published in the
 >next week or so, in time to meet the distribution deadline?

We try to make effort to publish the new Part 4 (CXTM) document.

And I think Durusau-san, Pepper-san and I would try to make effort to 
publish the new Part 1 document.

Best regards,

Motomu Naito

 >[1] Guidelines for RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability
 >    http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/BestPractices/RDFTM/guidelines-20060630.html
 >Conference Chair, Topic Maps 2008
 >Oslo, April 2-4 2008
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