[sc34wg3] Kyoto agenda

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Thu Nov 1 10:35:57 EDT 2007

* Lars Marius Garshol
> I agree. It seems like CTM, TMCL, and TMQL are the most likely  
> candidates there. However, if Lars Heuer, Graham Moore, and Robert  
> Barta will not be there (as I've been told) I'm worried about  
> whether we really can have a complete discussion of all issues in  
> Kyoto. All three are really critical to these three standards... :-/

* Patrick Durusau
> OK, assuming that to be the case, are there parts of those  
> standards that we can discuss prior to Kyoto with their online  
> participation?

There are, and those discussions have already been in progress for at  
least a week or so. We're trying to slowly move them onto the list.

> And when we get to Kyoto, are there issues on those parts that we  
> can discuss (usefully, I have found that we can always  
> discuss ;-) ) in their absence?

That's the question, I guess. I'm not sure.

> There are other items where the editors will be present so we may  
> have to split off what we can discuss about CTM, TMCL and TMQL and  
> use the rest of the time for other parts. Such as part 1, the RDF  
> TR, etc.

Yep. This was my question, really. What other parts will be covered  
in Kyoto?

--Lars M.

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