[sc34wg3] Kyoto agenda

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Thu Nov 1 09:41:48 EDT 2007

* Patrick Durusau
> I would suggest that we concentrate on items where a period of  
> really intense work in Kyoto would result in substantial progress.

I agree. It seems like CTM, TMCL, and TMQL are the most likely  
candidates there. However, if Lars Heuer, Graham Moore, and Robert  
Barta will not be there (as I've been told) I'm worried about whether  
we really can have a complete discussion of all issues in Kyoto. All  
three are really critical to these three standards... :-/

> We will need to discuss (briefly) our schedule for 2008 but I  
> assume that we can do that largely on the mailing list so we don't  
> take a lot of time on it at the meeting.
> On that topic, I am assuming that we should have WG 3 meetings in  
> Oslo (early Spring), Balisage (think Montreal in August), and in  
> Leipzig.

This is what I assumed as well. TMRA dates will most likely be 8-10  
October 2008 (Wednesday - Friday).

--Lars M.

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