[sc34wg3] ISO 13250-2 and -3

Motomu Naito motom at green.ocn.ne.jp
Thu Jul 20 11:30:44 EDT 2006

Dear Garshol-san,

At 19:03 06/07/19, you wrote:
 >We have now sent the finalized, fixed TMDM to ISO for publication. :-)
 >And, XTM 2.0 is on its way to ISO for FDIS ballot.
 >This means that 5-6 years of work on these two documents is FINALLY
 >at an end. Congratulations, everybody!

Congratulations, Garshol-san! :-)

For me, next step is to translate these docuemts into Japanese and make 
them JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).

Best regards,

Motomu Naito

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