[sc34wg3] WG3 fall/autum meeting at TMRA

Patrick Durusau patrick at durusau.net
Mon Apr 3 11:33:16 EDT 2006


I agree it would be useful to have a WG3 meeting in connection with the 
TMRA conference.

This would be the third meeting of WG3. Seoul, Montreal, and then 
Leipzig. So, would there be a WG3 meeting in Boston?

I don't know that we would need marathon meetings at each location but 
we should be able to push a lot of work out with four separate meetings 
in one year.

Hope you are having a great day!


Steve Pepper wrote:

> I would like WG3 to consider holding its fall/autumn '06 meeting in 
> Leipzig in conjunction with TMRA'06 [1]. TMRA itself is *October 
> 11-12*, probably preceded by one day of tutorials. I will be proposing 
> to hold the WG3 meeting on *October 13-16*.
> WG3's last two meetings were in North America (in conjunction with 
> Extreme Markup 2005 and XML 2005), our next one is in Asia (Seoul, May 
> 2006) and the one after that is again in North America (Extreme Markup 
> 2006), so come this fall/autumn it will be time for something in Europe.
> TMRA'06 provides an excellent collocation opportunity which will not 
> cost us anything in terms of meeting rooms. By collocating with TMRA 
> we support the efforts of the University of Leipzig and contribute to 
> help TMRA evolve into an extremely important academic event for Topic 
> Maps.
> I am aware of the arguments in favour of the SC34 plenary taking place 
> in conjunction with XML 2006, but I think WG3 should be prepared to 
> meet independently if it suits our needs.
> Please give some thought to this between now and the Seoul meeting.
> Thanks.
> Steve
> [1] www.tmra.de <http://www.tmra.de>
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