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Motomu Naito motom at green.ocn.ne.jp
Sun Apr 2 22:08:28 EDT 2006

Dear Pepper-san,

At 21:56 06/03/31, you wrote:
>I am still waiting to hear from most WG3 project editors regarding the 
>upcoming meeting in Seoul on May 29-June 1. Our draft agenda is overdue, 
>so if I don't receive notice, by the end of this weekend, about what you 
>want to discuss in Seoul and how much time you need, I will make my own 
>best guess. Thanks to Patrick Durusau who has already let me know his 
>requirements for the TMRM (ISO 13250-5).
>If any other members of WG3 have items they would like to discuss, please 
>let me know as soon as possible.

For "Metadata for Published Subjects" I think we need one or two hours in 
order to discuss the content of the new work item proposal.

Best regards,

Motomu Naito

>Some news: CTM and GTM have been approved as New Work Items, so 
>congratulations, everyone!
>Korea has offered editors for both projects. I request Prof. Jaeho Lee to 
>prepare a discussion for Seoul on GTM, and Prof. Sam Oh do the same for 
>CTM. Editors will be appointed at that meeting.
>Turkey, an O-member, has offered Prof. Hayri Sever as an expert on CTM 
>and we would be very pleased to see Turkey becoming actively involved in 
>our work. I hope Prof. Sever will be able to attend the meeting in Seoul.
>TMCL has also been approved as a CD, but with two No votes and a lot of 
>comments. The editors are asked to prepare a response to the comments and 
>a new draft for distribution at least four weeks before the Seoul meeting.
>A reminder that TMRM is currently undergoing CD ballot, with a due date 
>of May 26th. Please get your comments in to your national bodies in good time.
>Looking forward to see as many of you as possible in Seoul. Project 
>editors: Please let me know if you will NOT be able to attend.
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