[sc34wg3] Agenda for 22-25 May

Kal Ahmed sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Wed, 18 May 2005 16:24:44 +0100

Steve Pepper wrote:

>* Kal
>| When should I have raised this issue ? Given that the agenda was 
>| published originally without topics assigned to days and given also that 
>| there was no subsequent notice to this list with regards to the agenda, 
>| I fail to see how I could have responded any earlier.
>You could have provided input
>1. When the meeting dates were set in late February (that you would
>   not be able to attend on certain dates).
The issue is not the dates, but the scheduling of items.

>2. When the draft meeting agenda was sent out in late March (that
>   there were certain items you were especially interested in).
1) The full conference agenda was not determined at that stage
2) I had already made it clear that I would be wanting to attend 
conference sessions in the discussion regarding meeting location.

>3. When I asked everyone in April if there were any scheduling constraints
>   (that you were more interested in some discussions than others).
>I can't promise I would have been able to accomodate you, but I would
>have done my best.
I don't disagree - but you seem to being extremely inflexible at this stage.

>| This is really not good enough !
>Give me a break, Kal. What is not good enough is that people don't respond
>to requests for the kind of input that determines the agenda until one week
>before the meeting, when it is already too late. 
The first time I saw *a complete agenda with all timings* was in a 
private email from you last week. What am I supposed to do , guess what 
is in your mind ?

Seeing as you are either unwilling or unable to accomodate my suggested 
agenda changes, I shall drop the subject at this point, but I am far 
from satisfied.