[sc34wg3] From another committee: ISO 18629 Process Specification Language - still more meat for the ontological stew

Murray Altheim sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Wed, 22 Jun 2005 03:34:55 +0100

Murray Altheim wrote:
> Mason, James David (MXM) wrote:
>> Noticed this in the SUO discusion. Might be useful for PSIs?
>>Jim Mason
> You're thinking along the same lines as I. I've downloaded the
> draft and am looking at a PSI set for it, perhaps even a translation
> (if possible) into LTM for import into Ceryle (or other LTM-enabled
> tools).


I note that there seems to be plans for committee production of an
XML rendition of ISO 18629, which would be (I believe) an easier
conversion than straight from the KIF. There's 17 axioms in the
document I have, which could perhaps be translated by hand faster
than trying to manage a KIF conversion. Unless someone has created
a KIF-to-XTM tool (wishful thinking).

Unfortunately, the XML rendition is not yet available, but I'll
try to keep my eye on the project, and possibly send Rich Cooper a
note about this. It strikes me that I might even talk them into
providing a base URL in the ISO domain for the PSIs, though that
might be wishful thinking too. But if there's some way to use an
ISO domain namespace rather than "http://purl.org/ceryle/" I'd be
happy to know. Perhaps it could be provided by SC34WG3? I don't
know if you are authorised to create and/or promote such a thing.
ISO PSIs are an interesting idea.

Alternately, I could see if there's a PURL available for PSL,
too, as it least that's a bit more neutral than using a domain
of my own, though worst case I'll certainly do that.


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>>Subject: ISO 18629 Process Specification Language - still more meat for the
>>ontological stew
>>ISO has reached the last stage of approval for a new ontology that has about
>>300 concepts related to temporal duration, precedence, interval logic, time,
>>ordering, activities, and other concepts that they believe are related to
>>process specification in a manufacturing environment.  Surely these concepts
>>are general enough to handle many kinds of discrete process descriptions.  
>>Does anyone have experience, opinions, beliefs, ... about the new PSL
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