[sc34wg3] Editors' drafts of TMDM and XTM 1.1

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Fri, 16 Dec 2005 14:47:35 +0100

The editors have now produced new drafts of TMDM and XTM 1.1 at

These drafts should be perfect and up to date, except that the UML  
for TMDM is going to be updated in accordance with Lars Heuer's  
comments. This will happen quite soon.

The final, official drafts will go out on Tuesday, so we've got a few  
days to find nits in them. On Tuesday TMDM will go to FDIS, after  
which point the only changes that can be made are simple typo fixes.  
XTM will go to review (still as FCD), so that it can get a proper  
review before it is finally nailed.

The changes to XTM are *very* extensive, as nearly every part of the  
document has changed, so it's very important to give it a proper  
review. This includes the the three schemas, all of which have seen  
extensive changes.

For reference, here's an example XTM 1.1 document, which gives a  
rough idea of what the new syntax looks like.

Comments are of course strongly encouraged.

<topicMap xmlns="http://www.topicmaps.org/xtm/" version="1.1"

   <topic id="example-tm">
       <value>XTM 1.1 Example Topic Map</value>
         <topicRef href="#description"/>
       <resourceData>This is an example topic map created to show how
       the new XTM 1.1 syntax works, and also to check that the
       RELAX-NG schema, DTD, and XML Schemas all work as

   <topic id="lmg">
       <topicRef href="#person"/>
       <value>Lars Marius Garshol</value>
           <topicRef href="#sort"/>
         <resourceData>garshol, lars marius</resourceData>

       <topicRef href="#created-by"/>
         <topicRef href="#creator"/>
       <topicRef href="#lmg"/>
         <topicRef href="#creation"/>
       <topicRef href="#example-tm"/>

   <topic id="sort">
     <subjectIdentifier href="http://psi.topicmaps.org/iso13250/model/ 
       <value>Sort name</value>


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