[sc34wg3] Schedule of SC34 WG3 meetings at XML Europe?

Patrick Durusau sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Sun, 22 Feb 2004 11:15:37 -0500


As I noted probably more than a month ago in private correspondence I 
will be in Rome at a Bible translation conference and related meetings 
during the week of April 12th - 16th and actually have a presentation on 
the 16th.

Therefore, I will not be able to attend WG3 meetings from the 13th - 
16th of April, 2004.

In the press of other things my conflict with these meeting dates just 
slipped your mind. (Don't feel bad, I had to think about it when I got 
your post and check my calendar. Came real close to agreeing to being in 
two places at one time.)

Realizing that we do have an opportunity to push ahead with topic maps 
and that we should devote the time necessary to move forward, I would 
like to float a alternative.

My impression is that we have meet prior to the SC34 plenary in order to 
be able to submit our reports for acceptance by SC34. I have been unable 
to find any provision that prohibits us from meeting apart from SC34 and 
simply submitting our report to SC34 for acceptance by other means than 
voting in a physical meeting of SC34.

Assuming the foregoing is correct, which it may not be, could we meet 
from April 22nd to April 25th, perhaps at another location in the 

I appreciate your bringing this issue this far in advance as I was going 
to make plane reservations in the next day or so for 
Rome/Amsterdam/Atlanta and those would be expensive and annoying to change.

Hope you are having a great day!


Steve Pepper wrote:
> .............
> .............
> I would like to solicit input on the timetable for the
> WG3 meeting in Amsterdam. Please read this and respond
> as soon as possible.
> .............
> As you know, XML Europe takes place from Sunday 18th
> to Wednesday 21st April, with tutorials on the first of
> these days.
> Recently we have started on the Friday before the
> conference and had 3 or 4 days of meetings, interrupted
> by the SC34 plenary and disrupted (for some) by tutorials.
> If we do that this time we will get, at best, one and
> a half days of undisturbed meeting.
> Given the current state of WG3's work, I think that is
> too little. We are now at a stage where it looks as though
> very little remains to be done on Parts 2, 3 and 4 of
> 13250. (Of course, we won't know for sure until all NB
> comments have been received on the CDs that are currently
> out for ballot, but based on the discussions in the
> mailing list there seem to be very few contentious
> technical issues left.)
> Part 1 has yet to be drafted, but it has been agreed that
> this should be short and simple, so I do not foresee a
> need for many iterations.
> As a result, I think we are in a position to aim for
> finalization (and publication) of the first four parts
> of 13250 by the end of 2004, or early 2005 (depending
> on ballot times).
> I think this would give Topic Maps a big boost, so we
> should really try and make it happen.
> In addition, I think we need to devote substantial time
> on reaching consensus on how to proceed with the
> Reference Model.
> That being the case, I would like to suggest that we take
> the time to sit together in the Netherlands for long enough
> to sew up all the final details in Parts 2, 3 and 4, once
> and for all, and make progress on the RM.
> I propose, therefore, that we meet from Tuesday 13th to
> Friday 16th April. (I assume Easter Monday, the 12th, is
> not an option.) That will give us four whole days. (Those
> of you that think this is a lot were obviously not
> around in the days when WG8 met as a matter of course for
> a whole week at a time :)
> I know Ken has had some problems organizing a room for
> SC34, but as convenor of WG3 I will commit to finding a
> solution for the 13th-16th.
> Please indicate, *as soon as possible* if you will be
> able to attend for the whole of this period.
> Please indicate also if you would object very much to
> spending these days somewhere other than Amsterdam (but
> still in the Netherlands), if that would lead to lower
> accomodation and meeting room charges.
> Steve
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