[sc34wg3] Identifying and comparing subjects (and a possible extension to \tau )

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Sun, 01 Aug 2004 09:05:13 -0400

* Ann Wrightson
| That the TMDM/TAO way works in practice for a growing number of real
| situations is important (and is BTW a v. legitimate basis for LMG's
| position).

Uh, what *is* my position?
| This has been (since 2000 ;-) my main argument against merging
| always being an a+b=c kind of operation that loses the fine
| structure of a & b. I believe that there should also be a different
| operation that both preserves the original maps and defines a
| view-as-if-merged-according-to-this-mapping.

The different operation doesn't have anything to do with the
standard. We've defined what the merge operation should produce, and
if someone then wants to implement it as a view-as-if operation they
| I'm realizing as I write that this suggests a different formal
| account of merging - call it merge2 - eg (in \tau) where the two
| maps being merged have different sets of names (curly N1 and N2) in
| the universe (curly I) and instead of merge2 being a set union, it
| is a function where the desired property of "preserving information"
| from the source maps to the target maps becomes a morphism property
| of the function.

I don't think that's necessary, and I don't think this has anything to
do with the TAO/TMDM/Tau/RM difference.

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