[sc34wg3] Draft agenda for Montreal meeting

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I will be attending the meetings during the mornings only on Saturday,
Sunday and Monday.  I, unfortunately, have not been able over the past few
months to be as active in the topic map world as I would have liked,
including participation in the OASIS TC work.  Therefore, while I do attend
the WG3 meetings under the auspices of OASIS, I am probably not the best
source of current information on what is going on in the TCs.  We will, I
believe, have one or more of the TC chairs there to provide a status, if

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At 11:47 AM 7/30/2003 +0200, Lars Marius Garshol wrote:
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>* Patrick Durusau
>| Not sure how profitable a discussion of the liaison work with OASIS
>| will be until we reach a common understanding of how the work in
>| OASIS will be progressing. Not objecting to the discussion, just
>| think it will be more productive with a common understanding of the
>| future of the OASIS work.
>I agree with Patrick on this. Let's do the OASIS discussion first,
>then work out the ISO-OASIS relationship, if indeed that does need
>working out.

from what I understood from Jim's reply, somebody from OASIS would need
request (with their OASIS hat on) to give a progress report of the group
part of the liaison. This is possible. Is somebody going to be there
will represent OASIS and want to give this report? I remember that Eric 
Freese seemed to be at the meetings as an OASIS representative.

>| Personally I am interested in discussing how we increase the
>| ownership of the topic maps paradigm so that we have the critical
>| mass of people to both generate interest in OASIS TCs as well as
>| make substantial progress in them. (Note the emphasis on planning
>| for the future and not chewing over the past. Despite my many
>| delusions, I have never seriously thought that I could change the
>| past.)
>| Does that sound like the beginnings of something we could
>| productively discuss?
>I'm also interested in this, but where and how we should discuss it I
>am less sure of.
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