[sc34wg3] Disposition for 13250-1

Steve Pepper sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Thu, 31 Jul 2003 13:55:35 +0200

Despite the fact that neither Naito-san nor I are able
to be in Montreal, I would like to ask the committee to
give some consideration to Part 1 of ISO 13250, Topic
Maps: Overview and Basic Concepts.

Given the name, it seems that we need something along
the following lines:


1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Terms and definitions (?)
4. Overview
    Organization of ISO 13250
    ISO 13250-1: Topic Maps -- Overview and Basic Concepts
    ISO 13250-2: Topic Maps -- Data Model
    ISO 13250-3: Topic Maps -- XML Syntax
    [Topic Maps -- HyTime Syntax (HyTM)]
    [Topic Maps -- Canonical XML Syntax]
    [Topic Maps -- Reference Model]
5. Basic Concepts
    Easy introduction of TM


Clause 4 will essentially be a road map to the other
parts. However, a key question is what should Clause 5
look like?

Although the Editors have not discussed this in detail yet,
I believe both Naito-san and I are thinking in terms of
non-normative text that introduces the basic concepts of
Topic Maps but explicitly leaves definitions to Part 2.
In that sense it would be somewhat similar to Section 2
of the XTM 1.0 Specification.

The Editors would like the committee's input on this and
any other suggestions that you might have. We will then
prepare a draft for the Philadelphia meeting.


Steve Pepper <pepper@ontopia.net>
Chief Executive Officer, Ontopia
Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34/WG 3
Editor, XTM (XML Topic Maps 1.0)