[sc34wg3] Draft agenda for Montreal meeting

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Thu, 31 Jul 2003 09:47:44 +0900

At 11:47 AM 7/30/2003 +0200, Lars Marius Garshol wrote:
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>* Patrick Durusau
>| Not sure how profitable a discussion of the liaison work with OASIS
>| will be until we reach a common understanding of how the work in
>| OASIS will be progressing. Not objecting to the discussion, just
>| think it will be more productive with a common understanding of the
>| future of the OASIS work.
>I agree with Patrick on this. Let's do the OASIS discussion first,
>then work out the ISO-OASIS relationship, if indeed that does need
>working out.

from what I understood from Jim's reply, somebody from OASIS would need to 
request (with their OASIS hat on) to give a progress report of the group as 
part of the liaison. This is possible. Is somebody going to be there that 
will represent OASIS and want to give this report? I remember that Eric 
Freese seemed to be at the meetings as an OASIS representative.

>| Personally I am interested in discussing how we increase the
>| ownership of the topic maps paradigm so that we have the critical
>| mass of people to both generate interest in OASIS TCs as well as
>| make substantial progress in them. (Note the emphasis on planning
>| for the future and not chewing over the past. Despite my many
>| delusions, I have never seriously thought that I could change the
>| past.)
>| Does that sound like the beginnings of something we could
>| productively discuss?
>I'm also interested in this, but where and how we should discuss it I
>am less sure of.
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