[sc34wg3] From the UK

Steve Pepper sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 22:01:44 +0100

At 17:26 11.02.2003 +0000, Ann Wrightson wrote:
>We had our UK committee meeting today. Here is what we agreed to say to
>the list:
>Response to NWI:
>- Response will be "yes with comments"; detailed comments to be drafted.

That's very good news. Thank you. Norway will also be voting "yes
with comments".

>- UK will provide an editor for HyTM syntax part.

Excellent. Can we assume that is Martin, as previously discussed?
If not, please let us know who the lucky candidate is :)

>In response to recent list discussions:
>It is our opinion that the most important short-term activity for WG3 is
>to prepare drafts of the RM and SAM that can be circulated for National
>Body comment well in advance of the May meeting. The formal process of
>issuing stable drafts at least 4 weeks in advance of the WG meeting is
>essential to enable discussion by national body committees in
>preparation for the WG meeting. We will have our UK delegation briefing
>meeting on 8th April, and require the draft documents by April 4th at
>the latest.

I would like to set a deadline of March 28 for delivery of new drafts
to myself and Jim Mason. I think we are on track for this with the
following pieces:

(1) "Standard Application Model"
(2) "Reference Model"
(3) "XTM syntax and deserialization"

Martin: Do you think you can have a first draft of (4) "HyTM syntax and
deserialization" ready by then?

We haven't yet appointed editors for (5) "Canonicalization" or (0) "A Guide
to the Structure of the Standard". Ontopia has already done a first cut at
(5) which we can submit as a first working draft. Further responsibility for
that and the Guide should be assigned in London.


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