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Mason, James David (MXM) sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
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If we have alternatives to yahoo, and we're not into this very deep, I'm in
favor of escaping. 

xmlhack.com is OK, but we could also ask the owner of the present server to
set up another list (after all, we do own our own domain, isotopicmaps.org.

Jim Mason

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I sent an email yesterday to editors@xmlhack.com to market tmcl-wg a
little, and got this reply from Edd Dumbill:

| Lars, this is good to hear.
| But Yahoo Groups?!
| XMLhack is prepared to offer free hosting and operation of mailing
| lists for certain XML community groups, using Mailman.  You and
| colleagues may want to consider at some point.

I have to say I find the idea of a mailing list with no commercials
and a proper web interface appealing, even if it means dismantling a
recently-created group and moving everybody somewhere else. 

What do others think?

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