Changed distribution:? was Re: [sc34wg3] Let's revert to N323!

Patrick Durusau
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 06:23:39 -0500


I have read both N0323 and N0372 and wondered if you could illustrate 
the difference you mention as:

Steve Pepper wrote:

> (i)  We recommended going for multiple standards instead of a multipart
>      standard.
> (ii) We rearranged the distribution of content between the SAM and the
>      syntax parts.
> According to Lars Marius (the editor and primus motor behind both the SAM
> and the XTM syntax specification) the latter decision screws things up 
> for
> him in a major way. We should take this very seriously. 

I am assuming by "syntax" parts you mean XTM and/or HyTM. Can you say a 
little more about how N0372 changes that allocation? It may be too early 
(US time) but I am not seeing the distinction you mention between N0323 
and N0372.


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