[sc34wg3] Semantic commitments as basis for Topic Map applications interoperability.

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
28 Apr 2003 13:45:53 +0200

* dmitryv@cogeco.ca
| I tried to follow discussions about TAO/XTM/SAM and RM/TMM and these
| discussions convinced me that question of semantic commitments is a
| key issue for TM application interoperability.

I agree with what you write here, but I think you should beware of
using the term "topic map application" without qualifying it. A lot of
the debate on this list over the past months has been about exactly
what that phrase should mean.

The SAM camp thinks it should be something like the Italian Opera,
Free XML Tools, genealogy, and beer vocabularies with supporting code,
while the RM camp thinks it should be something on the same level as
the SAM itself.

I think you meant the former in your use of the phrase, but, well,
beware of the ambiguity.

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