[sc34wg3] Questions on N0396: (15) [value] vs [resource] property on occurrence

Graham Moore sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 20:22:10 +0100

Hi Jan,

I would say that the intent of resource data is to say that its location is
'in the model' and explicitly not elsewhere. If you want to have what you
ask for then just keep it as a Locator to the content in the XTM file and
you can do the processing.

Further, considering that the majority of TM software will be interfaced via
APIs and Query languages this notaion of where did a piece of 'internal data
come from' doesnt make sense to me. We would end up with either ambiguous
meaning or nothing at all.

What would the values of the Locator be if from an API or some other
TopicMap creation method I assign resource data to an occurrence - what
should the locator be?

The model drives the serialisation, the idea of a document and the
de-serialisation driving the semantics of a model isn't right.



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> Lars, Graham--
> Section 3.7 defines the [value] property on occurrence items to
> be
> "A string, or null. The string, if present, is the information
>  resource the occurrence connects with the subject."
> and the [resource] property to be
> "A locator item, or null. The locator, if set, is a reference to
>  the information resource the occurrence connects with the subject."
> The value/resource exclusion constraint says that exactly one of the
> properties must contain null.
> At least in XTM, the information resource that is the content of
> a <resourceData> element is addressable and so it would make
> sense to me, if N0396 would allow me to have a value on the [value]
> property and the [resource] property at the same time. This would
> enable me to record the address that addresses the value if I need to
> do so (I propably address the <resourceData> in some other context
> such a from within <subjectIdentity> and would like to keep track of
> the fact that the value of the occurrence is the same information
> resource)
> Why should an application/user be prohibited from doing so?
> Jan
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