[sc34wg3] Questions on N0396: (10) "merging as they see fit"

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
18 Apr 2003 23:14:05 +0200

* Jan Algermissen
| In section 4 N0396 says: [...]
| Does that mean that domains that have semantics beyond the SAM and
| need to do merging based on semantics beyond the SAM can define
| merging rules that are (neccessarily) beyond those of the SAM?

Yes. (I argued this with Patrick just a couple of days ago.)
| In other words: does it mean that a topic map author that 'invents'
| new association types (e.g. father-son) is free to define merging
| rules based on them?

| In yet other words: Are implementations free to provide/perform
| merging based on arbitrary association types?

Yes. (And names, and occurrences, and any combination of the three.
Merge-by-whim is also allowed.)
| Last one: Does it mean that the SAM is extendable not only by
| association types but also by merging rules based on them?


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