[sc34wg3] PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT: something new coming soon

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
16 Apr 2003 14:44:02 +0200

* Michel Biezunski
| In order to provide the necessary link between the TMM-RM and the
| SAM, I have given to Steve Newcomb a simplified version of the XTM
| DTD to play with, and Steve is now working on describing it in terms
| of the TMM-RM. This DTD is provisionally called STM ("Simple Topic
| Maps") and contains the elements that are actually the only ones I
| have been using in my commercial applications since I am
| implementing Topic Maps.

I'm a bit surprised by this. If you want to implement SAM as an RM
application, why did you create a new XML DTD and do that as an RM
application? That won't be SAM-in-RM at all, will it? Sounds to me
like you are creating STM-in-RM instead?

Also, I hope the STM document will contain copious disclaimers to the
effect that "this is not a new topic map interchange syntax"?
| It is also expected that we will be able by doing so to accelerate
| the process of resolving the pending issues both for the SAM and the
| TMM-RM, [...]

Just so that this is clear: right now it seems that the most urgent
task for the RM folks is to raise the SAM issues you haven't yet
raised, if there are any. Help with resolving the open ones is of
course welcome, but we'd prefer to avoid closing all issues, moving to
CD, and then have a pile of new issues dumped on us.
| It's my hope that by showing how the SAM and the TMM-RM work
| together, we are going to get as a group to a shared vision of how
| things get together and I hope that we will work in such way as to
| fulfill the various requirements that have been expressed by
| proponents of one or the other model.

Not sure what this means, but it *sounds* good. :)
| We still need a few days to have something to show, but I thought it
| was appropriate in the given context to describe what we are doing
| and that will be submitted asap for your consideration.

I agree.

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