[sc34wg3] PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT: something new coming soon

Michel Biezunski sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 00:21:31 -0400

[Jim Mason:]

> We have a little over two weeks before we meet in London. In that time we
> need to sort out what's useful, and what's better left for future study.
> Let's stop talking past each other and start communicating amongst
> ourselves.

In order to provide the necessary link between the TMM-RM and the SAM,
I have given to Steve Newcomb a simplified version of the XTM DTD to play
with, and Steve is now working on describing it in terms of the TMM-RM. This
DTD is provisionally called STM ("Simple Topic Maps") and contains the
elements that are actually the only ones I have been using in my
commercial applications since I am implementing Topic Maps.

The work aims primarily at illustrating how a topic map application
can be mapped and described using the TMM-RM, it will not necessarily be
completed at the moment where it will be delivered, but it will contain
all the necessary features to facilitate the description of the SAM in
terms of the TMM-RM. It is also expected that we will be able by doing so
to accelerate the process of resolving the pending issues both for the
SAM and the TMM-RM, because we will have to express everything in the most
formal, explicit and unambiguous way. This should eventually greatly
facilitate the task of implementers.

It's my hope that by showing how the SAM and the TMM-RM work together,
we are going to get as a group to a shared vision of how things get
together and I hope that we will work in such way as to fulfill the
various requirements that have been expressed by proponents of
one or the other model.

We still need a few days to have something to show, but I thought it
was appropriate in the given context to describe what we are doing
and that will be submitted asap for your consideration.

Please be patient during a few more days. We are doing our
best to send it as soon as we possibly can.


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