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Tue, 15 Apr 2003 19:56:41 +0200

Martin Bryan wrote:

> Could I ask you to go one stage further and, rather than make the second
> example a simple one you try to desribe the original HyTime version of 13250
> using TMM. To me the ability to bring together a TMM for SAM and/or XTM and
> one for HyTM would be the proof that TMM really does make life easier for
> all concerned.


I see a (propably minor) misunderstanding here. Let me try to clarify:

A TMA provides (among other things) a set of semantics (assertion types)
that are needed to express knowledge (forgive me the use of the K-word)
of a certain domain.

XTM and HyTM both 'live' in the same domain, they use the semantics of
name,occurrence, class-instance and a few more. They both can 'transport'
topic maps that are goverened by the same TMA (the SAM).

To put this the other way round:

In order to deserialize XTM and HyTM an understanding of certain semantics
is required. This set of semantics is the SAM. (I cannot define how XTM/HyTM
are to be processed unless I understand (for example) what the notion of
'occurrence' is.) 

In my understanding the ideal 13250 would consist of

- the RM
- the SAM (the chief of TMAs as SAM put it), the thing
  that implementors of 'mainstream' TM software can
  safely implement. Also the basis for a standard API
  (e.g. topic.getOccurrences() )
- a syntax desirialization model for HyTM
- a syntax desirialization model for XTM
  (..both using the semantics of the SAM)


[1] propably also TMQL,TMCL etc...??

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