SC34 Procedures (Was: [sc34wg3] Response to SC34 N 251)

Lars Marius Garshol
13 Sep 2001 16:23:10 +0200

* James David Mason
| Lars Marius, Sara has the register between meetings, so you'll get a number
| from her. When you get it, you can merge this document with the SC34
| template (see below), then send it back for us to post.

Will do.
| (My general preference is for people with contributions to request a
| number from Sara [or from me, during meetings], then use it to
| create a document from the template at
|, then
| send in the whole thing. )

I know from experience that any procedure we agree on in email I will
sooner or later forget. Could we write this procedure up in the form
of an HTML document that we put on somewhere?

It could say something like:

  <h2>New contributions</h2>

  New contributions should first be discussed on the mailing list to
  ensure that they are appropriate, and that there is sufficient
  consensus on them. Once this has been established, the procedure in
  the section below can be followed.

  Replies to national body comments and new versions of existing
  documents do not need such approval.

  <h2>Submitting documents</h2>

  To submit an ISO document, follow the procedure given below:

    1. Request a number from Sara, or, during meetings, from Jim.

    2. Use it to create a document from the template at

    3. Send the resulting document to

--Lars M.