SC34 Procedures (Was: [sc34wg3] Response to SC34 N 251)

Mason, James David (MXM)
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 09:05:53 -0400

Lars Marius, Sara has the register between meetings, so you'll get a number
from her. When you get it, you can merge this document with the SC34
template (see below), then send it back for us to post.

Steve, we need to set up some operating proceedures for doing work between
meetings. ISO, IEC, and JTC1 actually encourage work by correspondence,
which is part of the justification for having this list. However, JTC1, et
al., don't give us much guidance about how to do it. I suspect the rules
were written with paper in mind, with things being mailed out and then
getting finalized by ballot. That's not the model we're working with here on
an e-mail list. 

My suggestion is that we start by sharing documents as e-mail attachments,
as Lars Marius has done here. Things that have to become official SC34 or
WG3 documents can get numbers when it looks like they're gaining consensus.
Documents like the current one, coming from someone in speaking in an
official position, can get numbers early, without waiting for the rest of
the list to agree. But whoever submits a document for official status should
realize that WG3 may ask for revisions (those of you who've been around for
a while probably know about some episodes of editing in the course of a
closing plenary). 

At meetings, WG3 can create Recommendations, which it sends to SC34 for
endorsement. SC34 can pass resolutions to do the endorsement. Between
meetings, WG3 can create recommendations if you  want to, but the Convenor
also have a good bit of latitude to declare when consensus has been reached,
without doing anything too formal.

(My general preference is for people with contributions to request a number
from Sara [or from me, during meetings], then use it to create a document
from the template at, then send in the
whole thing. )


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> Hi everyone,
> here is Holger's and my response to SC34 N 251, national body comments
> on the TMQL requirements. Sara, and/or Jim, could you give this a number
> and put it in the document registry?
> --Lars M.
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