[topicmaps-comment] RE: [sc34wg3] I need a map to follow the postings!

Tsao, Scott sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 16:18:43 -0700

From: Michel Biezunski 
> I think the policy should be that whatever is a subject of
> general interest for the topic map community should go
> to the general interest topic map mailing list, while the two
> other lists, sc34 and topicmaps-comment should be devoted,
> and exclusively used for, the work currently being done by
> the corresponding committee(s).
> [...]
> Remember, the policy of the sc34 working group mailing list is
> basically to discuss the resolutions, bring input to the standard
> process. Everything else should not be posted to that list. I suppose
> the same is true for the topicmaps-comment mailing list for OASIS.

I don't think this set of policies will work for everyone in the TM community.
For example, I only subscribe to the topicmaps-comment list and am not even
aware of the sc34wg3 list before this episode.  However, I think the reason
for the current behavior is that many issues being discussed have implications
on all apsects of TM (let alone RDF, DAML, etc.), and there is really not a
clear-cut "layered" framework for the Topic Maps architecture.  This is part
of the reason for my earlier suggestion