parid0928 | 28 Nov 2002 12:55:31
You've raised an important question, and it won't go
away until we decide what to do about it: what will be
the fate of the "extent of validity" semantic?
[SH: is "extent of validity" a "situation feature"?]
parid0928 | Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:42:35
is "extent of validity" a "situation feature"?
parid0928 | Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:04:28
Except for the restrictions on the subjects of nodes that have special functions within assertion subgraphs (see [parid0185], TM Applications are free to define "situation features" (features of the situations of nodes) and how those features, when they occur, affect the values of the properties of the nodes whose situations include those situation features. The values of all properties can be affected by such situation features, including both Subject Identity Discriminating Propertes (SIDPs) and Other Properties (OPs), in accordance with the specifications provided in the definition of the TM Application that defines the properties and the situation features (see [parid0253]
Except for the subjects of a-nodes and r-nodes in an assertion, TM Applications may define "situation features" that affect any property (SIDP or OP) of a node in that situation.
Since the subjects that cannot be changed are known, simpler just
to state them. Likewise, if it is "any property" that can be affected by
a situation feature, just state that as well.